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A Litte Bit Of Tough Love!



To my mind, there’s one reason, and one reason only, to connect with people on social media, and that’s to take the conversation offline, get acquainted and support each other in whatever way is appropriate: doing business, power partners, mastermind partners, friends, etc.

Unfortunately, many people ask for or accept connection requests just to have more names on their lists to advertise to or just to have the feeling that all is well because they have lots of connections.

To illustrate, here’s the text of actual messages traded yesterday between me, and someone who accepted a connection request from me:


Thank you so much for Linking In with me! It’s an honor being connected with you.

You need resources, referrals and connections to grow your business! Me too! So let’s not just be names in each other’s contact lists. Let’s chat!

To maximize time for us both, please go to my calendar at, choose an available time that works for you and schedule it for us.

Looking forward to talking with you and getting to know you!



Hugh: Thanks for connecting but, I’m not a “prospect” for you, which looks

‪like where you’re “going” with this.

‪Best of luck with your enterprise.



Thanks for your message. It’s prompted some thought and some questions: 

‪1) If you don’t want to engage and have a conversation, why did you accept my invitation to connect?

‪2) How do you know you’re not a prospect for me?

‪3) How do you know I’m not a prospect for you?

‪4) Do you want referrals? I’m connected with thousands of people and could likely have referred you if we had gotten acquainted. 

‪5) Do you want more people to know about your business? You could have been a guest on my radio show and had your services promoted to thousands of people! 

Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to me to be very short-sighted to make assumptions about the value of communicating without so much as a friendly conversation, which was all I was asking you for. Could be that you just missed out on a potentially awesome opportunity.

At any rate, I wish you the very best in your business and your life. If you don’t message me back in a day or two, I’ll take care of disconnecting us. I’m interested in being connected with people who engage and not just names in my connection list!



Hugh: I had no ulterior agenda for accepting connecting with you.  I had no immediate need to, as well.

‪I merely thought (after tetering (sic) on the decision) you might be a good guy to know to some degree. That’s it.

‪I am bombarded with many invitations by people who want to make money on me in a variety of categories, under the guise of “networking”.

‪I am merely trying to be a “good” but, discerning Linkedin member in my quest for my next paying gig.

‪We need not make this a regrettable controversay. You can accept our new connection or, you can disconnect if that is your wish.


I’m no longer connected with this individual!


  • Don’t assume! You might miss out on something great
  • The importance of connecting on Linked In isn’t simply in the connection list. It’s in actually engaging.
  • If you don’t want to actually talk with someone, don’t waste their time and yours by requesting a connection or accepting a connection request!


You want extraordinary growth in your business and extraordinary income.  So you can’t afford to be ordinary at sales…you must become extraordinary!  Here’s how:


Good selling!


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op·por·tu·ni·ty  äpərˈt(y)o͞onədē/ noun – a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Opportunity is such an interesting concept.  There’s no shortage of it.  We have access to myriads of opportunities every single day.

Some opportunities are totally evident, and some are nearly invisible unless we really look hard for them.

Most require an investment of time, finances, effort or all three.

Some we’re able to take advantage of, and some are too expensive.

Some are available for a long time and others for a very limited time.

And every one of them require us to take action!  Without action, opportunity is useless!

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This weekend you have an amazing opportunity available to you.  You can take advantage of Elite Sales Academy, the brand new online sales training program, for an unbelievably small investment.

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  • If you act this weekend, you can have the program for an entire year and save over $1000

Just go to right now, watch the first video module and if you think it’s cool, get the entire program for yourself today.  So there’s an incredible opportunity for you! You can save a bunch of money and learn to make a whole lot more!  What will you do?  Take advantage of it?  Wait and let it go by?  The decision is yours!

Good selling,


THE Sales Wizard at Red Cap Sales Coaching and Elite Sales Academy

You can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable


Jonathan Manske


My good buddy, Jonathan Manske, wrote an incredibly great blog and kindly agreed allow me to share it here.  Jonathan is the world’s only Cerebral Sanitation Engineer, as well as an author and speaker and faculty member at Elite Business Academy.  Jonathan and his blog A Daily Dose of Jonathan have long since earned THE Sales Wizard’s Seal of Approval!


THE Sales Wizard's Seal of Approval


Hey let’s go do some chores! Doesn’t that sound like fun? – No? Not really? You’d rather not?

So here’s the question: How much of your life do you view as a chore?

As soon as we think of something as a chore, our energy goes down. When our energy goes down, our enthusiasm goes down too, our desire to be in action decreases, and our creativity and resiliency decrease. Plus whatever actions we do manage to take from this low energy place are going to be far less productive, effective, and fruitful. And, that often leads to frustration, disappointment, and apathy.

“Chore” is just a made up label and we are the label makers which means that we have the ability to make up a different label, one that will serve us much better.

“I get to make some phone calls” is night and day different from “I have to make some phone calls.”

It is time to be done with chores (have to) and time to start living from choices (choose to, want to, get to).

Much Love,


I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from today’s thoughts, please pass this on. Thanks and gratitude in advance!

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Jonathan’s Books:  The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 120 5-star reviews
Much Loved Law of Attraction Book

Good selling,


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You can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable!

You can watch the first video in the Elite Sales Academy online sales training program for free at If you think it’s cool, you can save $500 on the other 23 modules!

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The Old Man, The Boy and The Donkey



An old man and his grandson were walking into town to go to the market one day.  Everyone was laughing and making fun of them.  “You have a perfectly good donkey,” they said.  “Why are  you walking?”




So the old man climbed onto the donkey and his grandson led him down the road…until some people started to scold the grandfather.  “You’re terrible, making that little boy walk while you’re riding!”




So the old man got off the donkey, helped his grandson onto the donkey and led the donkey down the road…until some other people got after the boy.  “What kind of awful child are you, riding in comfort while that poor old man has to walk.”




So the old man climbed back onto the donkey with his grandson and the two of them rode the donkey on up the road…until another group of people expressed their outrage.  “That’s animal cruelty!  That poor little donkey shouldn’t have to carry two people.”


So when the got to the market…




The old man and the grandson were carrying the donkey!


The moral of this story should be crystal clear.  When you’re running your business, trust your own dreams, your own intuition, your own gut and don’t let yourself be ruled by the opinions and prejudices of others.  Someone will always be second guessing you and making fun and telling you that your ideas will never work.  Listen to good counsel.  Don’t listen to the snipers and gripers and naysayers.  Don’t try to please everyone…because you never will, no matter what you do!


You CAN watch the first video in the Elite Sales Academy online sales training program for free at  If you think it’s cool, you can save $500 on the other 23 modules!


Good selling,


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If You Can’t Say Something Nice…



My mom always used to tell me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”  What a great piece of advice.  Words have tremendous power.  They can soothe or cause great pain.  They can build up or tear down.  They can motivate or demotivate.  They can help or harm.  And they can build up YOUR reputation or ruin it!

  • Talk nice about the people who have the same kind of business you do.  If you badmouth your competition, it’ll come back to bite you.  Putting your competitors down will cause people to lose respect for you.  Besides, there’s plenty of business to go around.  So say good things about your competitors and then simply build the value of your offer.
  • Talk nice about your co-workers.  Everyone has challenges, bad days and even faults.  That includes you!  So be kind and non-judgmental.  Find something positive about everyone you work with (and there’s always something), and then praise them.  When you make them look better, you look better!
  • Talk nice about your family.  You know them (the good, the bad and the ugly) better than anyone else.  You could destroy them if you told everyone, or even someone, even half of what you know about them.  And remember, they’re family!  No matter what they do, say or think, they’re family.  So build them up.  It reflects well on them and on you.
  • And finally, remember that it takes two. at least, to gossip.  A humorist once said, “If you can’t say something nice…come sit next to me!”  The thing is that if you listen to gossip, to someone’s attempt to tear someone else down, you’re encouraging and contributing to the problem!  So the next time someone starts the conversation by asking, “Hey did you hear about…?” just respond by saying, “No, and unless it’s something go0d, I don’t want to hear about it!”

As the Good Book says, let’s let our speech be with grace, seasoned with salt.  Make it positive, encouraging and uplifting.  It’ll bless you and everyone who hears you!

Good selling,


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To Propose or Not To Propose…That’s The Question!



In this video, Hugh and Toby discuss proposals…sort of!



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