What Motivates YOU (and everyone else in your life)?

by James Sale Unknown

This blog is applicable to anyone, anywhere, in any profession, and especially to coaches!

To be successful in business and in life, two things are essential: on a personal level, high energy in the business owner, and on the professional level, pre-eminence or a niche in which one operates. Motivation is absolutely critical for success. If you coach others, run your own company, have employees or contractors, are married, have children or have friends, this thing called motivation comes into play! For some, motivation to excel is money, for some, respect, for others, appreciation – a pat on the back for a job well done. In too many companies, the ONLY type of motivation offered is financial compensation, and study after study has determined that, in many cases, appreciation and a public thank you would mean much more! So how can we figure out which of the nine types of motivation is needed for different people and different situations?

Motivation is energy. The trouble is, it’s invisible; heretofore you may have felt motivated, and yet, you’ve had no language and no metric to describe or measure this feeling. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could determine EXACTLY what motivates you and what motivates your clients, customers, patients and prospects? Well, now you can! And the business person, the coach, the healer, can, therefore, work on her own motivations in a constructive and targeted way, as well as extending that process to her clients. This has huge implications for increasing sales, since energy is a big part of a successful sales conversation, and everyone buys based on emotion rather than logic.

There is now a language and metrics, and you can have access to them. Motivation is also a specialist or niche area, in which coaches can become pre-eminent. Now you don’t want to buy motivation. No one does! What you really want are the three Ps that derive from motivation, the three results, if you will: performance, productivity, and if the strategy is right, profitability.

Yes, you can have all three of those in abundance! It’s just a matter of obtaining the map to what motivates you and the other people in your life and circle of influence!

A note from Hugh, THE Sales Wizard:

My coaches and I recently completed Motivational Maps on ourselves, and the results were startling, fascinating and immediately applicable to our business. If you want to find out what motivates you, your employees, your family or your friends, I’m offering a FREE Motivational Map to the first five business owners who email me at Just put “map” in the subject line.

James’s company, “Motivational Maps” is now in 12 countries and the maps are in six languages. Over 20,000 maps have been completed and there are over 100 coach/consultants who are now licensed to use them. James is looking for more coaches who can ‘wrap the mapping’ in their territories, and do some serious work on performance and productivity with individuals, teams and whole organizations. The income possibilities are exciting and limitless!! Are you looking for just such an opportunity? If so, you can contact James at, and he’d be happy to explore with you whether Motivational Maps would be a good fit in your coaching tool bag!

Do it today!

Good Selling!

Truth in Advertising?


I get a bunch of scam email telling me that I’ve won some lottery or the other or that someone has bequeathed me a fortune or that my help is needed to manage a large sum of money. Obviously, it’s all a big lie. My reactions to these emails is normally two-fold: anger that these scam artists are taking advantage of and steeling from the people who believe their lies and wonder that anyone on earth could be gullible enough to fall for them. Rarely do I laugh! Yesterday was one of the rare exceptions, when I received THIS email!

Hi, A friend of mine, who at present is serving jail term in United Kingdom for money laundry and financial crime, has a deposit in a private security company vault. My purpose of contacting you is for you to go forward to assume the liability of the funds and invest same in your country in any business of your choice for my friend before his release. View link for an insight on source of funds.

Kindly reply if you are interested so I can avail you further information.

Best Regards
Richard Bowler

Well, it’s a scam and a lie…and in a twisted, crazy way, it’s a fine example of “Truth in Advertising”. Gee, I can launder money for this guy until he gets out of prison…or I could join him there!! It’s a weird, wacky world out there folks! Proceed with caution!

Good selling!


Yep, I was doing a little work on my computer Saturday, and it wasn’t running quite as fast as I like, so I decided to restart it…except it didn’t restart! Just a gray screen, an apple icon and a little gear going around and around and around. On Sunday afternoon, it was an hour and a half (one way) trip to the Apple store in Orlando. A tech ran some diagnostics and informed me that my hard drive had crashed. The good news was that the computer is under warranty, so I won’t be charged for the new hard drive installation. The bad news was that they had to order the hard drive, and I can’t have my computer back until Thursday evening! Bummer!!

As in every experience, there are lessons that can be learned, IF we pay attention. Here are a few I’ve learned so far from the CRASH of 2014:

1) Dependence on my computer is a fact of life in my coaching business, and assuming that the computer will always work the way I want it to is a mistake. Sometimes extended warranties are a waste of money, and sometimes…not.

2) Backing up all documents on an external hard drive is critical. Most of my data was OK and could be moved after the CRASH, and the CRASH corrupted some files so they’re lost forever! And I don’t really need ALL the stuff that’s on my computer!

3) It’s important to have a smart phone and an iPad. There are some things, like online coaching sessions with clients, for which the computer is a MUST, and there are others, like writing this blog on my iPad, that can be accomplished through work-arounds. And that engages my creativity.

4) I could live without my computer if I absolutely had to…and I don’t want to.

May your life, your business and your computer run effortlessly, seamlessly and perfectly this week!

Good selling!

THE Sales Wizard at
Red Cap Sales Coaching

How Many Mustard Sandwiches Will YOU Eat?


One of the greatest conflicts facing many small business owners is whether to make an investment in their businesses that has the potential for great gain, and at the same time, requires capital investment. No place is this more evident than in the area of training and coaching. Most entrepreneurs acknowledge the value they can receive from business coaching, marketing coaching or sales coaching, and at the same time, many hold back, fearful of making the investment.

In a discussion with a business owner this week, she commented, “I have no doubt that sales coaching would increase my business and help me make a lot of money, and I know that I need to invest in myself and my business, BUT coming up with the money to get the coaching would be hard. Funds are pretty short now…so I’ll wait till things get better, and THEN invest in coaching.” Then she added, “It’s kind of a vicious cycle isn’t it?”

Every successful business owner has had to make decisions about when, where and how much to invest in herself and her business. And sometimes it’s difficult to determine the scope and timing of the return that can be achieved by investing in training and coaching. Recently On “Shark Tank”, one of the best shows on TV in my opinion, Mark Cuban talked about eating a diet of mustard sandwiches in the early days of his business, so he could invest in his business. He sacrificed until he no longer had to. As an insanely successful, billionaire business mogul, Mark no longer has to eat mustard sandwiches!

So how about you, most honored business-person? How many mustard sandwiches are you willing to eat to have ultimate success in your business?

Good selling!

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It’s All About ME!!!!


When my lovely wife, Priscilla, and I have a difference of opinion about something, the conversation often ends with her joking, “Well, you know, it IS all about ME!” I think she’s joking anyway. The truth, though, is that every one of our prospective clients feels exactly that way. It’s all about me. And the mistake that too many salespeople make is not making it all about their prospects. Too many sales are lost because the salesperson’s conversation is about themselves, their company and their product or service. And the sad truth is that their prospects don’t care about any of that at all. They’re screaming, almost always silently, “It’s all about ME! What’s in it for ME?”

So make your sales conversations about your prospects, not about you. Here are three ways to do that:

• When you meet someone for the first time, be interested, not interesting! Ask them questions about themselves and their lives. Limit what you share about yourself to the areas of common ground you’ve found with them. This is rapport building at it’s best.

• When you talk about your products or services, talk about what those will do for your prospect…what’s in it for them if they become your customer, client or patient. Avoid using I, we, us, my, our, mine, etc. Instead, craft your value statement conversation as “you and your” messages.

• Make your prospect the entire focus of your sales conversation. Their wants, their needs, their thoughts, their feelings, their challenges, their goals, their wants are what’s important during the conversation. It’s all about them….it’s NOT about you!

Use this approach in your sales conversations, and I guarantee that your sales and incomes will increase dramatically!

Good selling!

THE Sales Wizard

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That Dagnabbed Phone!


Hugh and his redneck alter ego, Toby, talk about the fear of the telephone, especially making contact to ask for an appointment for a sales conversation. Toby, as usual is a really tremendous example of what NOT to do!!

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Incredible Sales Lesson From Seth Godin


Today I received an absolutely wonderful blogpost from the incomparable Seth Godin. So many salespeople still have the tragic habit of “showing up and throwing up” about their product or service rather than asking good, high-yielding, open-ended questions! Seth’s blog is a simple, effective example about how even children can have an effective sales conversation, simply by asking a question that evokes emotion. Here’s an excerpt from that blog.

“I thought I’d share a simple sales approach that in my experience consistently doubles the sales rate for Girl Scouts, at the same time it permits a more natural, humanistic engagement. Most Scouts are taught to memorize a fairly complicated spiel, one that involves introducing themselves, talking in detail about the good work that the Scouts do, and finishing with how the money raised goes for this and for that.

This is difficult work even for a professional, but for a kid talking to an adult, it’s frightening and unlikely to lead to a positive experience. The alternative?

“What’s your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?”

In less than ten words, all the Proustian memories of previous cookie experiences are summoned up. In one simple question, the power in the transaction shifts, with the Scout going from supplicant to valued supplier.

(And that’s the universal lesson here: A question that avoids a ‘no’, a question that starts a conversation, a question that opens the door to emotion… those are the questions that build careers and create value.)”

So do these three things if you want to be more successful in YOUR sales:

• Stop doing sales presentations, and start having sales conversations.

• Spend less time talking and spend more time listening to your prospects. Then give them what THEY want.

• Ask questions and offer value statements that evoke emotion in your prospects because buying is always done on an emotional, rather than a logical, basis.

And by the way, my favorites are imgres

Good selling!

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