Why Do You Do It?

A few weeks ago a coach and friend of mine asked me to give some serious thought to the reasons I do what I do. Why do I want to help business owners and salespeople learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable? Why do I want to change the world’s attitude toward sales and salespeople? Why is there a Red Cap Sales Coaching anyway?

This video is the answer to those questions.

Check out the video, and then if you’re willing, leave a comment and tell me why YOU do what you do!

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So What Do You Think About That?


Any of us who have been in business or selling for any length of time know that things don't always turn out as we'd like them to. Sometimes it's just flat tough out there. Prospects say no. Clients decide to switch to a competitor. There are financial struggles, physical difficulties and relationship challenges. And yet, with the proper mindset, there's always a way to reframe the difficulties we all face into something positive.

So much has been written and said about this.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Unknown Unknown

“Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

“It’s not what happens. The same things happen to everyone. Even rich guys get snow in their yards. It’s how you react to what happens that makes all the difference!” Jim Rohn Unknown-1

“Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and again I will say rejoice.” The Apostle Paul The Bible

“For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.” Mary Kay Ash Unknown-2

“How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself – so always think positively.” Norman Vincent Peale Unknown-3

“Well you can’t roller-skate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you’ve a mind to. All you gotta do is put your mind to it. Knuckle down, buckle down and do it, do it, do it!” Roger Miller

And THE Sales Wizard says, “No matter what’s happening in your life, figure out what you can be grateful for in the situation. It’s ALWAYS there.

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A Tale of Two Sticks

Jonathan Manske 2

By Jonathan Manske
The World’s ONLY Cerebral Sanitation Engineer
Taking Out Your Head Trash

You have two sticks, one that has been soaking in a bucket of water and one that has been soaking in a bucket of gasoline.

What happens when you throw each stick on the fire?

Of course taking action is vitally important! And, how we take that action matters too (a lot).


If I make my phone calls from a low energy, unexcited, or unenthusiastic place, they won’t have the impact I’m looking for.

Conversely, if I make my calls from a high energy, excited, and enthusiastic place, they will be more productive and produce a bigger impact.

And, if I don’t make my calls at all – nothing happens (again action is important).

Getting to that high energy place is really quite easy. We just have to take a few seconds and actually do it.

Here are a couple of examples that do it for me pretty much every time:
Double fist pump with a “Yeah”
Telling myself, “I am all kinds of awesome!”
Telling myself, “Time to go change some lives!”
Tapping the center of my chest, the heart center, and then smiling a great big smile
Busting a quick dance move

Feel free to use any of these or find your own.

Whether your energy is up or down is always a choice that you get to make for yourself.

Gas sticks are much more fun than water sticks.

Much love,


A word from THE Sales Wizard: Jonathan Manske is responsible for facilitating the success of tremendous numbers of folks, including yours truly! Taking the Icky and Scary Out of Sales would not be published, if not for Jonathan’s head trash removal skills. He’s an incredibly great author in his own write (mis-spelling on purpose). Check out his tremendous LOA book,The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 125 5-star reviews. It’ll change your life!!

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Effective Voice Mail Messaging


Technology is grand! When I graduated from high school in 1965, answering machines didn’t exist. If you needed to talk with someone and they weren’t in or weren’t answering their phone, you just had to call back until you reached them. And when your phone rang, you had no caller ID. You had to answer the phone to find out who was calling. So now we have smart phones and caller ID and voice mail and texting and email right on our phones. It makes life much easier in some ways…and more difficult in others.

Businesspeople now-a-days use caller ID and voice mail to screen and make decisions about who they’ll talk with and who they’ll ignore. It’s actually become unusual for someone to answer a call the first time you try to contact them…they don’t know you yet. So you have to leave a voicemail. Here are some ways you can increase the chances that you’ll get a call back:

Make your message brief. There’s almost nothing worse than getting a long, rambling voice mail that tries to give you “the kitchen sink” about everything the caller wants to talk about. If you leave too much information, the person you’re calling, even if they’re not irritated by your message, may feel that they have enough information to decide they don’t want to talk to you…and you don’t get a call back!

Give your name and call back number at the beginning of the call and again at the end of the call. That way, if the person you’re calling doesn’t catch your number the first time through, they won’t have to replay the entire message to get your number. It’ll be right on the beginning of the message.

Keep your message YOU centered. Give them a reason to call you back, something that’s in it for them!

Use curiosity to raise the probability that you’ll get a return call. If you whet your prospect’s appetite, they’ll call more often than not.

So here’s a little sample of the type of calling script you could use. Of course, you’ll need to edit it to fit your situation!

“Hi! This is Hugh Liddle. (863) 402-0661. John, if you want to sell a lot more widgets, you can implement a couple of strategies that will absolutely accomplish that! Please give me a call back to find out what they are! Again, I’m Hugh Liddle, THE Sales Wizard at (863) 402-0661. Let’s chat!”

Here’s another example:

“Hi! This is Hugh Liddle. (863) 402-0661. Cindy, there are a couple of business questions that only you can answer. And the answers might just be the key to dramatically increasing your sales and income. Please give me a call back, and let’s have a brief chat! I’m Hugh Liddle, THE Sales Wizard at (863) 402-0661.”

Give it a try, folks! It works!!

Good selling,
THE Sales Wizard at
Red Cap Sales Coaching
You can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable!


Get in the “YOU” Habit!


Most salespeople, more than likely you included, and even THE Sales Wizard now and then, have gotten into a very bad habit! When we’re sharing our value statements with our prospective clients, we say I, us, we, our and my instead of YOU. We’ve developed the habit over a lifetime of being exposed to sales and marketing that’s focused on “What I (or we) have available, or can do for you, or have achieved.” Just listen to all the elevator speeches at your networking group or go back and read some of the email marketing pieces you’ve received or listen to a bit of radio and TV advertising or read a few Linked In pages. Almost without fail, it’s all based on what the advertiser or marketer or salesperson or business owner has available. The problem with that is that our prospects just don’t care! They don’t want to know about us, they want to know what’s in it for them!

So instead of saying, “We (or I) can help you increase your sales and revenues!” instead say something like, “You can enjoy a massive increase in your sales and income by making some adjustments in your sales conversation.” What’s the difference? The first statement is about you, the second about them. So make it your habit to begin each of your value statements with something like, “You can have…you can enjoy…you can get…you can learn…you can be…you can do, etc.”

It takes some time and effort to form a good habit. It means a willingness to change. It means a new, better script. It means practicing and rehearsing. It means paying attention when you slip, accidentally, back into the old pattern, and correcting it in your very next sales conversation!

So if you’ll accept the challenge to become a YOU-focused salesperson, you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors, more people will be inspired to buy from you, and YOUR sales and income will massively increase. See, THE Sales Wizard is learning to be YOU-focused too!!

Good selling,
THE Sales Wizard at
Red Cap Sales Coaching
You can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable!


That Dreaded Gatekeeper


Many salespeople see “The Gatekeeper”, the receptionist or executive assistant that answers the phone or sits at the reception desk in many businesses, as being a dreaded adversary. I see an abundance of webinars and articles about defeating, getting past, getting around or overcoming the gatekeeper. Surely it’s only a matter of time and we’ll see a new course titled Crushing the Gatekeeper 101″.

Let me suggest that you make the gatekeeper your very best friend. He or she can be your greatest ally, the person who gets you to the person you need to talk with. She can even influence a decision-maker, at times, to talk with you. And she can keep your competitors at bay. Or she can be the greatest obstacle to your success. Actually it’s entirely up to you. It depends on how you treat the gatekeeper! Here are some suggestions for developing a friendship with your neighborhood gatekeeper:
Be truthful with the gatekeeper! He’s heard it all before…all the lies, and he knows all the tricks, and he doesn’t appreciate it!

Respect the gatekeeper! She has a job to do and is doing it to the best of her ability. She’s a person who is deserving of being well treated. Ask for her name and say her name as you’re talking with her.

Be polite to the gatekeeper! Someone mentioned on a webinar recently that he had seen a salesperson walk up to the receptionist and say, “Let me talk to Larry! (the decision maker). No how are you, please or thank you. I believe that, unfortunately, many gatekeepers receive that kind of treatment from salespeople all day long. No wonder the receptionist often isn’t very receptive. When calling on the phone or in person, say something like, “Hi! How’s your Thursday going? My name is Hugh and I sure hope you can help me please! I need to talk with the person who handles your training programs. Who would be the best person for me to talk with?” The receptionist’s job IS to protect the time of the decision makers she works for…and it’s also her job to help callers connect with the proper person in the company when they call. The gatekeeper will send you to the right people IF you ask and are polite.

Express your appreciation to the gatekeeper! Thank her for helping you before she transfers your call. Even if she’s not able to put you through to the person you’re trying to reach, thank her for her courtesy. You send thank you notes to the decision makers you talk with. What if you sent a thank you note to the gatekeeper? Would you get a different kind of reception next time you called?

Your “cold calls” on businesses don’t need to be cold. You can make them as warm as you want to . It really is all up to you!

Good selling,
THE Sales Wizard at
Red Cap Sales Coaching
You can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable!

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Essential Leadership Skills for Sales Success

Guest Post by Marian Rothschild, AICI FLCMarianCircleImage

You know your product or service inside and out. You believe in its benefits and you’re willing to dedicate valuable time, energy and skills to increase your company’s bottom line. You want to get ahead!

But how do you project trustworthiness, respect, confidence, and leadership qualities to keep the customer’s interest from first impressions to the deal-closing handshake?

Here are my twelve powerful points to manifest leadership qualities for sales success.


1) Present yourself confidently, as if you have just made the sale of the century. If you are strong, intuitive and smart, don’t project weak, clueless and uneducated, or that’s how you will be perceived. Express a positive attitude and poise under pressure.
2) Embody your value and your potential for success in posture, voice and all online communication. Communicate clearly with everyone in person, on the phone and online. Ask for confirmation of receipt and understanding. Use positive language and clear vocal tone. If you sound immature, soft-spoken and low energy, you will be perceived as such.
3) Always have a clear, positive answer when you are asked “How ya’ doin’?” and “What’s new?” Influential leaders do not respond with “Not much” or “Nothing.”
4) Be aware of your body language: foot jiggling, leg shaking, hand wringing, gum chewing, playing with hair and other self-grooming are all signs of insecurity and will be perceived as weak.
5) Use elements of wardrobe to your advantage. Know what are your most flattering colors, shapes, wardrobe pieces, and how to use them to project an image with intention. Quality and fit must be impeccable for all business formal and business casual apparel. Do not wear anything distracting like ill-fitting or provocative clothing, loud colors and patterns, or noisy accessories. These will detract from others seeing a polished presence and understanding your message.
6) Ask questions and listen intently to your customers’ answers. Never presume you know their pain. Let them speak at length and explain their predicament thoroughly and in depth. If you are on the phone, take notes. Present a vision of understanding and help your client see that your product or service is the solution to their problem.

shutterstock_944649347) Read your client’s facial expression, tone of voice and body language to know what they are feeling. Be sensitive to their emotional state and adjust your plan accordingly. When in doubt, listen and acknowledge their concerns.
8) Do not belittle anyone, including your competition. Your disparaging remarks can kill a sale and ruin your reputation.
9) Pay particular attention to your posture at all times. Whether sitting, standing or walking, your spine should be straight, not caved in, shoulders down and rolled toward your back, not drooped forward. If you stand, sit, or walk with slouching shoulders, you could be perceived as low energy, negative, or apathetic. Good posture and a closed mouth (when not speaking) gives the impression of attention, intelligence and interest.
10) Confident leaders have a firm handshake – both men and women. Use your entire hand to shake, not just the fingers. Make it firm, but not bone-crushing. If you tend to have sweaty palms, keep a handkerchief in your pocket. Just prior to an introduction, inconspicuously wipe your right hand on the handkerchief inside your pocket. Look the person in the eye as introductions are made.
11) Ask for feedback on your image from others whose opinion you trust. Observe people who have amazing leadership qualities and great sales skills. What is it about them that stands out? Watch, learn and practice those skills. Video record yourself speaking or making a presentation as part of the preparation process. Play it back, take notes and adjust accordingly.
12) Bring your leadership skills with you into every situation, event and interaction. Be sensitive. Be genuine. And be confident that you are exactly the right person doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

Marian Rothschild is a certified personal image consultant in Denver, Colorado, speaker and bestselling author. Her book, Look Good Now and Always: a do-it-yourself style makeover for busy women is available on Marian helps men and women transform their personal brand into a confidant, authentic expression of polished presence for stellar success. CLICK HERE to find out about a Virtual Consultation via Skype and sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

Note from THE Sales Wizard: Marian is an absolute genius at helping clients present the image that exudes success, confidence and self esteem, which draws people to you and helps them feel comfortable making the decision to do business with you. Check out Marian’s website, subscribe to her blog, arrange a consult with her and put her advice into practice. Take massive action NOW and succeed!!

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