• What? One BILLION, 4 Million Dollars?


That’s right! Wednesday’s Powerball grand prize is now $1.4 Billion. That’s not a typo…billion with a B! And by Wednesday night, I suspect it will be much more because of all the people buying tickets.

Now don’t get overexcited! IF you win and take the cash option, you only receive $868 Million dollars, and after you pay Uncle Obama 39.6% in taxes, you’re only left with $524,272,000, barely half a billionaire! And if you live in a state where you pay state income taxes, it’s less than that!

Now you might think that you’re about to read a rant about how awful the lottery is or how outrageous tax rates are in this country. If so you’ll be surprised! I’m not even going to say anything about taxes, and I happen to think that the lottery is awesome, even though you’re not going to win.

The lottery is, by far, the best fantasy you can buy for $2.00. It opens the mind up to a myriad of possibilities. I believe it’s a great exercise in self awareness to think about, and discuss with your significant other, what you would do if you woke up on Thursday morning with a half billion dollars in your checking account. What would you buy, what would you share, who would you help, to what causes would you donate, Now if you’re one of the millions who don’t win the jackpot, you have a greater awareness of what’s important to you. You don’t have a half billion dollars, but you can still use a portion of the resources you do have to buy, share, help and donate in the places that are most important to you.

From a business standpoint, here’s an important self-awareness question you can ask yourself. If I woke up Thursday morning with a half million dollars in my account, would I still go and work in my business? Or would I still go and do the job I’m doing?

If the answer to that question is NO!, then you’re probably doing what you’re doing for money, and not because you love it. And if you don’t love what you’re doing so much that you’d do it no matter how much money you have, maybe you should consider doing something else. Life is way too important, and way too brief, to waste it doing something you don’t love to do!

If I won $524,272,000 in the lottery, Red Cap Sales Coaching and Elite Sales Academy would be the most well-known sales coaching business in the world. I wouldn’t fold my business up; I’d just invest a lot more money in marketing it! I’d hire some of my favorite people to work with me full-time and I’d continue having the time of my life, teaching people to succeed grandly in selling. But that’s just me. I love what I do for a living. How about you?

Love & blessings,
THE Sales Wizard

P.S. If you want expert help dramatically increasing your confidence, conversion ratio, sales and income, message me, email me at hugh@redcapsalescoaching.com or call me at (863) 402-0661 and we’ll arrange a time for a complementary chat!

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