• What If Money Was No Object?


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My redneck alter-ego, Toby, was standing in line at Winn-Dixie, waiting to buy a lottery ticket. An older couple and their young adult son were standing in front of him.

The young man (also a redneck, I think) said, “I won’t even buy a lottery ticket if the jackpot ain’t at least $300 Million!”

Toby asked, “What would you do with all that money if you won?”

The kid replied with total sincerity, “Well I’d buy myself a car repair shop, so I’d only have to work whenever I want!”

Yep, that’s a true story!

What about you? What would you do if you had so much money, you could live the rest of your life in luxury? If you decided to keep working, what would your sales conversations with prospective clients be like? Would you feel like you “had to” make a sale? Would you freak out if your prospect said, “No.”? Would you experience any stress during the conversation? Would your prospect feel stressed or threatened during the conversation? Would you feel any pressure to work with someone you didn’t want to? I think it’s obvious that your sales conversations would all be laid back, relaxed and stress free!

Focusing on money derails more potentially successful sales conversations than any other factor. If your focus is on the amount of revenue you can bring into your business, or the commission you can earn, if the prospect buys, your focus is in the wrong place. If you’re thinking about the stack of bills on the desk at home that you have to pay, and you have to make the sale so you can do it, your focus is in the wrong place. When you’re talking with a prospective customer, you have to be 100% present with her. Your focus is on helping her get what she wants and needs, not on what your desires are.

If your focus is in the wrong place, your prospect will know; you can’t hide it. And it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a successful sale. If you’re focused on serving and helping your prospect, she’ll feel that, and she’ll be much more likely to buy.

Well, it’s not likely that you’ll win $330 Million in the Mega Millions on Tuesday night (cause Toby’s gonna win, or so he tells me!). So a vital part of preparing for a sales conversation is to get your focus in the right place. Develop your sales mindset so that the money you’ll earn has no place in the process. Approach the conversation as though you already possess more money than you can ever spend in your lifetime. Meet your prospect thinking only of his or her best good. How can you help? How can you serve?

The irony is if you’re focused on serving instead of on the money, you’ll be richly rewarded financially due to all the sales you’ll make.

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