• Two Huge Super Bowl 51 Sales Lessons


Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since Super Bowl LI and as we move further into the future, most people will soon forget the game, the teams and the score.  Hopefully, though, there are a couple of lessons learned in the game that will stick in our memories and transform our lives and our businesses.  And they have to do with the importance of maintaining momentum.

The odds favored the New England Patriots.  Nobody expected the Atlanta Falcons to beat them.  After all, they had a string of Super Bowl victories in their past, a quarterback who was arguably one of the best ever to play the game and a defense that was truly awesome.

Something totally unexpected happened, though!  The Falcons came out and played a perfect first half.  They scored three quick touchdowns, held New England to just a field goal and went into the locker room at halftime leading 21-3.  But while Lady Gaga was doing her thing in the halftime show, something happened in both locker rooms that changed everything.

The Falcons started the second half playing much as they had in the first half.  They scored another touchdown, making the score 28-3, and everyone thought the game was over.  Everybody except Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, that is.

Really there were two things that changed.  The Falcons, who had played so brilliantly in the first half simply disappeared and stopped playing their game.  And the Patriots, who looked like a bunch of high schoolers in the first half, suddenly started playing at or above their usually talented, capable, even brilliant selves.  And the final score was New England 34 – Atlanta 28.

So what happened?  One team lost momentum and the other team gained it.  Had Atlanta continued to press and play the game they played until a few minutes into the second half, it’s probable that they would have won the game.  They didn’t do that, though.  They relaxed, stopped playing hard and they lost.  New England, on the other hand were back on their heels at the end of the first half.  They were getting hammered, and the look in Brady’s eyes as he walked off the field told the story far more eloquently than words ever could.  But Brady and the Patriots didn’t quit.  They didn’t accept that the second half had to be like the first.  They picked themselves up, got their minds turned around and started playing the way of which they were capable all the time!

So what does all of this have to do with business and sales?  Simply this!  There will be times in your business and your sales efforts when everything is falling into place, it’s all working perfectly and you’re winning every day.  Your efforts, your confidence level and your bank account are all headed up and up.  Lesson #1:  that isn’t the time to relax, rest on your laurels and coast.  It’s not time to be complacent, because it you allow that to happen, you’ll lose momentum and you’ll ultimately lose the game.  It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and go for your dream.  To try even harder, to succeed even more to be even stronger and better and more successful.  If you do that, your momentum will continue!

Lesson #2 is that there will be times in your business and your sales efforts when things will not be going well.  You’ll be hearing no more than you hear yes.  You’ll be dismayed and frustrated and angry.  You’ll wonder what in the world you’re doing wrong.  It’ll seem that the world has the upper hand and that you’re without hope.  When you find yourself in that situation, don’t give up!  Don’t quit.  Make a new plan, redouble your efforts, remember who you are and the talents you have and the quality of what you have to offer.  Go out and play your game the way you have in the past when you’ve been successful, and don’t let any obstacle stand in your way.  When you do that, you’ll gain momentum and you’ll win the game.  You can do it!

A final note:  one of the things the Patriots had on their side that helped them regain their momentum was a coach with many years of experience, who helped them with strategy, believed in them, encouraged them and guided them to their win.  You may need an experienced coach to help you gain or maintain momentum in your sales.  If you’d like to chat with a Sales Wizard at Red Cap Sales Coaching and talk about your business and your sales and get some ideas, strategies and tips to help you double your sales and income in 90 days or less, you can go to http://bit.ly/wizard-strategy and make an appointment.  There’s NO charge, NO obligation and NO pressure!

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