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Get in the “YOU” Habit!

Most salespeople, more than likely you included, and even THE Sales Wizard now and then, have gotten into a very bad habit! When we’re sharing our value statements with our prospective clients, we say I, us, we, our and my instead of YOU. We’ve developed the habit over a lifetime of being exposed to sales […]

How Valuable Are You To Me Anyhow?

One of the most important steps in the sales conversation is to impart the value of your product or service to your prospect. It should go without saying (and MUST be said) that first of all you know, understand and believe in 100% the value of your product or service to those who take advantage […]

So What? – That’s What You’d Better Tell Your Prospects!

“What do you do?” So someone asks you at a networking or Chamber of Commerce event: “What do you do?” Or you’ve reached the point in your sales conversation where it’s time to tell your prospect how you can help solve their problem or help them get what they want and need. Well, if you […]