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Incredible Sales Lesson From Seth Godin

Today I received an absolutely wonderful blogpost from the incomparable Seth Godin. So many salespeople still have the tragic habit of “showing up and throwing up” about their product or service rather than asking good, high-yielding, open-ended questions! Seth’s blog is a simple, effective example about how even children can have an effective sales conversation, […]

The 3 Most Important Decisions

  Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, was one of the most successful life insurance salespeople and sales managers in history and an unbelievably great motivational speaker. Charlie taught that there are really only three major decisions that we make in life.  All other decisions are merely minor details that flow from your three major decisions.  Here are […]

Answering Those Pesky Objections

  One of the most difficult parts of a salesperson’s job is answering those pesky objections.  Whether it’s real objections like time or money or whether it’s the “blowoff” objections like, “I want to think about it.” or, “I have to talk to someone.” or, “I’m getting 2 more bids,” we’ve all gotten them, and […]

Ask Great Questions!

It’s NOT all the great things you tell your prospects about yourself, your company, your product or your service that inspires them to buy. Today’s video reveals one of the biggest secrets to success in selling! Like this blog? CLICK HERE! for more video blog posts. Also complete our FREE SALES SURVEY. When you answer […]

Five Attributes of High Yielding Questions

The fine art of asking high yielding questions is one that every sales person must master in order to be consistently great at sales.  Why?  Because the answers to the questions are the only way we are able, as salespeople, to determine what our prospects need and what they want.  Our questions, and our prospects’ […]