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To Script Or Not To Script?

To script or not to script…that’s a question debated among salespeople, sales managers, sales trainers and sales coaches everywhere. Here’s THE Sales Wizard’s take on the question: There are two major objections to using a script: Some say, I just want the conversation to flow and go where it goes, so I don’t want to […]

One Day At A Time!

      One of the things on which I work with my clients is focus.  Focus is tremendously important to your success in selling, business and life!  And one of the most vital areas of focus is keeping our attention on today! Most of us have probably set goals for 2015, goals for income, […]

Good Grief, Charley Brown!

It’s football season, and Lucy WILL be pulling the ball away from Charley at the very last minute! When you sell, do you ever feel like Charley Brown? You have such high hopes. It seems like you could really help your prospect. They truly need what you have. You spend loads of time talking with […]