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To Propose or Not To Propose…That’s The Question!

  In this video, Hugh and Toby discuss proposals…sort of!   Resources: To subscribe to Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffiene Ezine, CLICK HERE! Want a great big shot of POSITIVITY in your life?  CLICK HERE and check out this awesome interview with Mr. Positivity, Michael Shook! To check out the brand new, fabulous online sales school […]


Guest post by Butch Bellah One of my life’s missions is to break the mold of the “stereotypical” salesman. To this day in some contexts “salesman” is almost a dirty word and that really bothers me. I mean it REALLY bothers me. I’m proud to tell people I am a salesman! I love it. I […]

Nah, That’s Not Me At All!

A dear friend of mine expressed concern the other day that my nickname is “THE Sales Wizard” and some folks think of wizards as being dark, evil beings who practice the black arts. Nah, that’s not me at all! So I thought I’d share with you where the name came from. One morning as I […]

How Edumacated R U?

You want to grow your business substantially and reach a level of success that’s important to you. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that you need as much information and advice from qualified, talented, informed sources as you can possibly access. Coaches are a valuable source of expertise and […]

Let’s Get Rid of the Icky & Scary! – Part 3

Third of 3 blogs The third factor in removing the fearfulness of sales is education. You MUST know how to have a fun, effective sales conversation to determine which of your prospective clients can truly benefit from what you sell and to clearly communicate the value of your offering to them. You have to be […]