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No Tricks…Just Be Yourself

    Just received a blog today from  a “sales coach” with advice about how to “get around” a professional gatekeeper.  Although I’ve written about this subject in previous blogs, I felt compelled to revisit the subject.  The advice in the blog was to pretend you aren’t a professional sales person.  Trick the gatekeeper into […]

Effective Voice Mail Messaging

Technology is grand! When I graduated from high school in 1965, answering machines didn’t exist. If you needed to talk with someone and they weren’t in or weren’t answering their phone, you just had to call back until you reached them. And when your phone rang, you had no caller ID. You had to answer […]

That Dreaded Gatekeeper

Many salespeople see “The Gatekeeper”, the receptionist or executive assistant that answers the phone or sits at the reception desk in many businesses, as being a dreaded adversary. I see an abundance of webinars and articles about defeating, getting past, getting around or overcoming the gatekeeper. Surely it’s only a matter of time and we’ll […]