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  op·por·tu·ni·ty  äpərˈt(y)o͞onədē/ noun – a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Opportunity is such an interesting concept.  There’s no shortage of it.  We have access to myriads of opportunities every single day. Some opportunities are totally evident, and some are nearly invisible unless we really look hard for them. Most require an […]

Walk In Integrity!

          There’s an aspect of business and sales that isn’t written or talked about nearly enough in my opinion. No matter what your views are about God or religion or spirituality, you very likely see humankind as being something more than just a slightly more evolved animal. You know that there’s […]

An Incredibly Great Question!

  My good friend, Karen Valencic posts a wonderful daily blog question to which I subscribe.  The other day, her question was especially thought-provoking to me.     My answer was: What’s the ONE most important action I can take today to move my life and my business forward? What’s your answer? Comment below! I would urge […]

Scaredy Cat

                If you ever feel like running from the room screaming, and hiding in a far away corner when you’re faced with an action you need to take to be successful in your business, sales and life, then you must check out this video!!   Good selling, Hugh […]

How Many Mustard Sandwiches Will YOU Eat?

One of the greatest conflicts facing many small business owners is whether to make an investment in their businesses that has the potential for great gain, and at the same time, requires capital investment. No place is this more evident than in the area of training and coaching. Most entrepreneurs acknowledge the value they can […]