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Two Huge Super Bowl 51 Sales Lessons

  Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since Super Bowl LI and as we move further into the future, most people will soon forget the game, the teams and the score.  Hopefully, though, there are a couple of lessons learned in the game that will stick in our memories and transform our lives and […]

What If Money Was No Object?

  My redneck alter-ego, Toby, was standing in line at Winn-Dixie, waiting to buy a lottery ticket. An older couple and their young adult son were standing in front of him. The young man (also a redneck, I think) said, “I won’t even buy a lottery ticket if the jackpot ain’t at least $300 Million!” […]


  My good buddy, Jonathan Manske, wrote an incredibly great blog and kindly agreed allow me to share it here.  Jonathan is the world’s only Cerebral Sanitation Engineer, as well as an author and speaker and faculty member at Elite Business Academy.  Jonathan and his blog A Daily Dose of Jonathan have long since earned THE […]

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

  My mom always used to tell me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”  What a great piece of advice.  Words have tremendous power.  They can soothe or cause great pain.  They can build up or tear down.  They can motivate or demotivate.  They can help or harm.  And they can build […]

Go Away, Kid, Ya Bother Me!

  One of the lines attributed to comedian W.C. Fields is, “Go away, kid, ya bother me!”  It certainly is one of the more famous directives in comedic history. Now, it’s interesting that one of the greatest fears many salespeople have to face and overcome is that they will “bother” someone if they call or […]