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Separate the Wheat from the Chaff!

The Good Book uses an example taken from the old way of separating grains of wheat from the chaff, or the stalk.  As in the picture above, the wheat was tossed into the air, where the wind blew away the chaff, leaving only the good grain that was heavier and dropped back to the threshing […]

Truth in Advertising?

I get a bunch of scam email telling me that I’ve won some lottery or the other or that someone has bequeathed me a fortune or that my help is needed to manage a large sum of money. Obviously, it’s all a big lie. My reactions to these emails is normally two-fold: anger that these […]

Why Social Media is Like Spear Fishing

by Geoff Talbot, CEO Seven Sentences Are you constantly bamboozled by the number of social media networks that you “should” be using to promote your business? Being spoiled for choice is not necessarily a good thing… in fact it’s a terrible thing. Having too many choices is psychologically proven to be very confusing for the […]

5 Simple Steps To Let More People See Your Facebook Page Posts

As you may know, if you have a Facebook Business Page, Facebook has greatly curtailed the number of fans who see your posts, unless you pay them money to “boost” the post. That means that most of your fans don’t see what you’re sharing on your page. Below are a few quick clicks you can […]

Awww…C’mon Gmail!

Gmail has done it again; in a attempt to “make things easier” for their users, they’ve succeeded in making things harder. They’ve recently added new tabs to the top of your inboxes labeled Primary, Social, Promotions, Update and Forums. This is IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW because it means that most likely the promotional emails, […]