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When You’re Hot, You’re Hot…

  Joe was sitting at home one evening, eating popcorn and watching the ball game, when his doorbell rang. He got up and answered the door, to find a salesman standing there with a very odd-looking object in his hand. “What is that thing?” Joe asked. “It’s a Thermos,” the salesman replied. “What does it […]

Oh, No! You Didn’t Do That!

Last month my wife, Priscilla, and I drove from Florida to Massachusetts to attend her family reunion. It was a great time, visiting with family and enjoying the beautiful New England fall. In 2008, on another trip, we stayed at a hotel in Richmond, Virginia, and our experience there was so extraordinary, that I made […]

Hey, Did I Say That Out Loud?

Fairly or unfairly, a company will often be judged by what your employees say and do. What level of customer service are YOUR employees providing? Click on the button below and get a FREE 45-minute sales coaching session with one of our coaches. Simply complete our 5-minute sales survey, and then we’ll contact you to […]

Waking Up On The Floor At An Airport Is No Way To Start Your 65th Birthday!

Yes it’s true! I AM 65 years old today, “officially” a senior citizen. I’m actually only 17 in my mind and heart, but someone stole my 17-year-old body and left me this one! It’s 5:00 A.M. and I’m at O’hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. I should be sleeping in a comfortable bed in a […]

A Life of Service

At a memorial service for a friend of mine, I discovered the life of service he had lived. What legacy do YOU want to leave behind, when YOUR life is complete? Like this blog? CLICK HERE! for more video blog posts. Also complete our FREE SALES SURVEY. When you answer the 12 questions, we’ll contact […]