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A Litte Bit Of Tough Love!

  To my mind, there’s one reason, and one reason only, to connect with people on social media, and that’s to take the conversation offline, get acquainted and support each other in whatever way is appropriate: doing business, power partners, mastermind partners, friends, etc. Unfortunately, many people ask for or accept connection requests just to […]

That Dreaded Gatekeeper

Many salespeople see “The Gatekeeper”, the receptionist or executive assistant that answers the phone or sits at the reception desk in many businesses, as being a dreaded adversary. I see an abundance of webinars and articles about defeating, getting past, getting around or overcoming the gatekeeper. Surely it’s only a matter of time and we’ll […]

Use Your Happy Brain!

Guest Blog by Jonathan Manske, The World’s ONLY Cerebral Sanitation Engineer, Taking Out Your Head Trash! We so often make decisions when we are stressed, anxious, tired and or upset. This is not good strategy! Going through life in those states of consciousness is not good strategy either. Positive psychology research shows us that our […]