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Go Ahead and Ask…It’s Logical!

OK, there’s lots of emotional and psychological stuff that goes on around asking for the sale. There’s fear and what ifs and not-good-enoughs that keep salespeople from asking. Just for a minute, though, let’s just be logical (yeah, not that easy for THE Sales Wizard either! ;>D). So, if you DO ask for the sale, […]

Please STOP “Closing”…Right Now!!

Think about the word “close”. Words mean things. Sometimes there are even multiple meanings for words. In every area except sales, what does “close” mean? It means done, finished, the end, there is no more, it’s over. Or it can mean that everyone is excluded except for a chosen few. The door is closed, the […]

Remove the Fear From Sales Now & Forever

Hugh’s redneck alter ego shares his philosophy about being afraid to ask for the sale or ask for an appointment. Check out the video and hear Toby’s solution to fear of selling. Then Hugh will take over and tell you how you can take advantage of a FREE webinar that really will help you stop […]

Killing Fear

“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain!” – Mark Twain. In this video, Hugh talks about how to kill the fear you experience around sales activities like making phone calls and asking for the sale. Feel free to share this blog. It was first posted on

How To Close A Sale

In this video, you’ll see how to close a sale (at Red Cap we usually say “ask for the sale” instead of “close a sale”). See how Hugh presents options to his prospects to easily and comfortably ask them to buy his coaching services. You can immediately apply this lesson to selling your own products […]