• But What About Me?


A young Army private was assigned to the Army Induction Center, where his job was to explain benefits, especially Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance, to new recruits and help them enroll in the appropriate programs.

After a couple of weeks, the Lieutenant in charge of the Center noticed that every single new recruit was enrolling in the life insurance program. No one was opting out. This had never happened before.

The lieutenant decided to unobtrusively listen in on one of the private’s sales conversations to find out exactly what he was saying to the new recruits.

After some preliminary conversation about the benefits of the life insurance plan, the private told the recruit, “Here’s the deal: If you DON’T have the insurance coverage and the Army sends you into battle, and you get killed, the government only has to pay your beneficiaries $1500.

If you DO have the coverage, and the Army sends you into battle, and you get killed, the government has to pay your beneficiaries $150,000. Now let me ask you a question. Which bunch do you think the Army is going to send into battle first?”

In your sales conversations, your prospective clients only have one question on their minds: What’s in it for ME? If you can find out what your prospects want and need and explain to them exactly what’s in it for them, when they take advantage of your product or service, very few will tell you no!

Good selling!

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